"Ain't My Kinda Strange" and "I Mighta To You Yesterday"


A description of the music on my latest 2 cd's and some video links


The most recent cd from 2016, has eight new songs, lyrics and music by Griffanzo! find on cdbaby

Featuring great musicians: Don Gladstone, bass - Dan Davis & Chuck Leonard, drums

Steve Lucente & Danny Grewen on trombone, backup vocals by Tania Carl on the title track and a total of 19 performers on the final track, Dubya Speak

I have to say that the master of low expectations did contribute to this one

#1. I Mighta Lied To You Yesterday - just pretending; I'm a truck driver, a bartender, or a doctor - take your pick

#2. Chauffeur - a 1969 hitch hiking trip under the influence to see a girlfriend turned out badly

#3. Freak Flag - ok, so I have beads in my goatee, any questions

#4. I'll Stay with You - did you ever have a romance in which you abandoned yourself to please someone else?

#5. Black Frame Glasses - a tribute to the confusion of childhood, beautiful memories and that trapped feeling

#6. Hidin' Out From Youz - nonsense related to needing to escape

#7. DNA- the foil of listing the things that women think men don't like about them with the things I love about them (her)

#8. Dubya Speak - quotes from someone living in the whitehouse in 2000

all lyrics can be found on the reverbnation site

Ain't My Kinda Strange

This cd came out in 2010 and is available athttp://www.cdbaby.com/cd/Griffanzo both forms - the physical cd as well as a downloadable version. It is also on amazon, itunes and reverbnation.com/griffanzo

    All the lyrics and music for the cd were composed by myself, Griffanzo, but you know that the credit must go to all those people around me, from family, friends and musicians - everyone contributes. So they’re all to blame!
    That said, Frank Worrell is the drummer on all songs. Don Gladstone is the bassist for all songs with the exception of Katrina, Katrina - that honor goes to Tyrone Hotchkiss. Of course Griffanzo is the pianist and vocalist.

#1. Ain’t My Kinda Strange is a political tongue in cheek swing tune with Ray Codrington, trumpet and introducing Jackie Thomas, backing vocals

#2. Girl #0024is the pop quota for the cd. There is a video of this song featuring the great belly dancer, Maqui Ortiz! The video link is on the video page, Rodney Marsh on sax and Carter Minor, wicked outro vocal

#3. Fred Was Here is in memory of my friend Fred Cryer, 1947 - 2001. It has our usual piano trio but a string trio as well
Jake Wenger, cello
Matt Chicural, viola
Rob Rempher, violin

#4. Katrina, Katrina   well, as Brent Lambert said, there have been more songs inspired by this storm and America’s failure to re-act than any other moment in our contemporary history
Tyrone Hotchkiss, bass
Taz Halloween, backing vocals
Carter Minor, mo wickedness, harmonica

#5. Lampost is complete nonsense, so what’s new? 
Ray Codrington, trumpet and Jackie Thomas, backing vocals

#6. Gotta Get His Pants Back was inspired by Teddy Wilson’s piano on Billie Holidays recording of “What a Little Moonlight Can Do”! Ray Codrington, trumpet

#7 Stoplight a swing tune: cross pollenation of word association and nonsense
Ray Codrington, trumpet

#8. Monsanto Is Changing Our Genes is just a wish to change the current tide of abuse by corporate power and lack of moral responsibility.
Rodney Marsh, sax