Griffanzo and music: piano/vocal, composer, teacher, recording

Griffanzo performing at Tails Piano Bar, Wilmington

Currently performing



Since february 2016 I’ve been performing with Danny Grewen, allstar trombonist and amazing singer, every monday night from 7 to 10pm at a great Cajun restaurant in Chapel Hill, NC called IMBIBE. It’s located at 108 Henderson Street. Join us , no cover, great food and long long list of beers and wine.

Beginning in 2019, Crystal Bright became a steady musical partner. Her own band, called Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands, is still performing but she and I have a little different set. Often we perform as a duet but usually have have added other pieces to the magic. She is a very original talent, powerful vocalist that plays piano (yes, we sometimes do piano duets) accordion and saw. The saw playing is unlike anything you’ve ever heard.  


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